Hello! I am so happy you are here! I am Lana, a wedding photographer based in Florida! I call my job my heart's passion and it is an honor to be able to turn it into my life-long career!
 I am madly in love with my husband of 13 years and incredibly blessed to have him photographing weddings along my side! The love for wedding photography was ignited with our own wedding and our marriage is our biggest inspiration. Our mission is to preserve the precious moments of your wedding, and create images that will be taking you back to that day and make you feel the way you did then. Our style is clean, romantic and timeless! This style allows us to capture the unique and emotional moments beautifully, purely, and honestly.

Spending time with each other and our beloved ones is what we love most. Having a nice dinner and hosting a party for our friends makes us happy, as well as spending some quality time together somewhere in a quiet and cozy place.

Quality time

Good movie

Lazy night after a long day with popcorn and lots of     cuddles from our girls - ideal set up for a good movie.


Recently we renovated our house all by ourselves! Yep you heard us!  Its all started with "we should change wall color" and ended up with removing few walls! We had so much fun during the whole process!