Tips for better “Getting Ready” photos

The wedding day will sneak up on you, and, as you will come to find out on the “Big Day”- every minute matters!
Planning your Wedding Day Timeline can be quite a difficult task to get your head around – after all, most people have only been to a handful of weddings themselves, so it can be tricky to know how to start putting your Big Day plan together.

I make it a point to work closely with my clients on the creation of their wedding day photography timeline because here’s the thing: only I know how much time I need to do my best work. The wedding day timeline makes a tremendous difference in the type of final images you will receive from your wedding photographer. Everybody wants beautiful romantic photos and real candid moments of their day captured, but if you are not giving enough time to your photographer, most likely, You will not get what you wished.

Getting ready images are a perfect way to start the narrative of your wedding day. Here are a few things that you can do to help ensure that your getting ready photos are every bit as beautiful as you envision!


Choose a location with a lot of natural light and windows. It will dramatically improve your skin tone, the quality of light in the photos, and the overall feel of lightness and happiness in your photos! An ideal getting ready area would be space with windows and light walls for lots of reflective light.



I recommend starting your day earlier than you think, especially if you have a lot of bridesmaids. I’ve seen brides want to change styles half way through and throw off the whole timeline. I usually ask to start photographing when your makeup artist arrives. The bridal makeup usually takes about 45 min, and I don’t need to photograph every second of it. The last 15 minutes is more than enough. So, I use first 30 min for those beautiful portraits of your details.

If you skip out on this, you will not receive any detail shots you picked out for your day.

Also, make sure to keep all of the little things you want to be photographed (rings, invitations, shoes, jewelry, flowers, veil, etc.) in one place so I can arrive and get straight to work. Entrust it to someone who will be with you in your getting ready space and have that person gather all of those items together for your photographer.



After your makeup is done, it is a time for some fun photos! This is your time with your girls. Matching robes or pajamas, mimosas, favorite music make for great pictures. Please allow 15-20 min in your timeline for these pictures.




We love it when your mom and at least maid of honor are fully dressed and ready when they’re helping you into your dress. There’s usually beautiful emotion flowing while your besties are helping you into your dress, so having them in their dresses with hair done makes everyone look good and doesn’t distract.

Your room need to look good as well! It’s crucial to clear away the clutter. If possible, designate someone to keep everything organized and tucked away.  Cutting the clutter can extend to the room’s décor, too! Don’t be afraid to relocate paintings, bedspreads, or lamps that don’t go with your aesthetic.


Now it’s time to get into your dress! Many brides don’t realize it, but it can take up to 10-15 min to put your dress on, then another 5-10 min for your shoes and jewelry. And don’t forget about those beautiful portraits of you all done up! I am sure you won’t regret those 😉


You deserve beautiful photos that you will cherish for years to come, and I hope this post will help you with planning your wedding day!

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